Louisville will only qualify for federal relief funds if officials can prove that the floods did at least $5.3 million in damage. In the meantime, Michelle at Consuming Louisville has started taking matters into her own hands by working on a relief plan for the Main Branch of the Free Public Library, which was  severely damaged on Tuesday.

Consider this information phase one of Consuming Louisville’s Help the Library Project. I’m sure once they get a better assessment of all the damage they’ll have more needs for fundraising, hands on volunteer efforts and maybe some more online shopping needs.

So as soon as I get information on their additional needs I’ll roll out phase 2. For now though the best way we can all help the library is with a donation check sent to:

The Library Foundation
301 York Street
Louisville, KY 40203

And also I’m thinking we need to throw a bake sale just because I love baking and the concept of bake sales. If I throw a Consuming Louisville bake sale to support the library will you participate?

Visit Consuming Louisville for more information about the possible bake sale. I can’t bake, but I can read and I’ll take any excuse I can find for pie.