Lettuce LadiesThese are PETA’s Lettuce Ladies in Louisville. Do they and their promotion of a healthy diet make you want to give up meat? Do you eat unhealthy meat-free food or health food with meat? Are you offended by PETA’s use of women’s bodies?

Here are some quotes from my story. They feature PETA’s Tom Crain talking about the display.

“I think that it’s a statement that’s saying ‘This is how physical fit people look. This is how physical fit people act. This is what’s going on,’” he says. “And this is the way people want to behave in their lives. I think people want to be able to show off what they are.”

Crain says the group is simply advertising vegetarianism the same way some restaurants advertise hamburgers.

“You see it and they’re saying, ‘Isn’t this what you want? Beef, it’s what’s for dinner. Isn’t this how you want it? Wouldn’t you like to sink your teeth into this?’ They’re tempting you in the way that this is—not so much sexist, but it is an attention grabber,” he says. “It’s giving you the idea that, ‘Hmmm. My eye is caught.’”

Even though he likens the women to the models of how people want to look and says their display is similar to close-ups of a hamburger on TV, he says the display is only meant to celebrate vegetables, health and the human body. Do you agree?