Okay, this headline is misleading. You won’t get cash for your Osterizer, but next year, Kentuckians can receive the federal rebate for replacing old appliances with energy efficient models.

You can get $40 to $400 for the replacement. You don’t have to haul that hold fridge to the store, but the government asks you to properly recycle it.

Business First has some details. No word on how this might help Louisville’s GE Appliance Park plant.

The $300 million program was funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Allotments were based on each state’s population, according to a news release.

The Indiana Office of Energy Development last week said that it will use the $6 million it is receiving from the federal government to offer rebates of $500 per heating, ventilation and air conditioning system purchased. It also will offer rebates of as much as $1,000 for the purchase of geothermal heat pumps.

When the program begins in Kentucky in spring 2010, Kentucky residents who buy an eligible Energy Star-rated appliance from a Kentucky retailer might be eligible for a rebate.

Kentucky will offer rebates on washing machines, dish washers, refrigerators, freezers, room air conditioners, water heaters, central air conditioners, air source heat pumps, geothermal heat pumps, gas furnaces and gas boilers.


Unlike the popular “cash for clunkers” program that offered rebates for trading in gas guzzlers for fuel-efficient vehicles, the appliance program doesn’t require consumers to trade in their older appliances, although consumers are “strongly encouraged” to recycle the older units, the release said.