Shanon White is the sixth Democrat to enter the primary race. At the Barrett Avenue Government Center this morning, as White filled out her paperwork, passers-by asked what was going on. A few people seemed happy to hear about a female candidate, but White isn’t the only female candidate in the race. West-end resident and activist Connie Marshall has been in for months, and White acknowledges that.

White was also asked if she has time to run a campaign, since she’s a mother of three young boys. She politely said she wouldn’t run if she didn’t have time, and pointed out that Hal Heiner, Greg Fischer, Tyler Allen and David Tandy all have children. Tandy’s youngest’s age is still being counted in months, but I haven’t heard anyone ask the other candidates if they have time to run. (Though last year Tandy volunteered the fact that he may not run, considering his duties as a father to a newborn). In fact, it seems like the only time the press has asked about a candidate’s offspring has been with Jim King.

Do you think the family question is appropriate to ask to any candidate? Is it more appropriate to ask to one candidate than others?