Democratic Metro Council member and mayoral candidate David Tandy and Republican Metro Council member and mayoral candidate Hal Heiner are teaming up to support a renegotiation of the Six Flags-Kentucky Kingdom lease. Mayor Abramson, however, says there’s nothing any city or state government can do.

From the campaigns:

In a bi-partisan effort Councilman David Tandy and Councilman Hal Heiner have joined together today to call on Six Flags and the Fair Board to come back to the table for re-negotiations. Councilman Heiner and Councilman Tandy are offering to work with their council colleagues to keep one of Louisville’s top tourist attractions here in the Metro. Councilman Tandy stated, “Six Flags is a valuable employment center for seasonal workers and a national attraction for tourism that Louisville must support.”

The Councilmen plan to meet with the Louisville Jefferson County Legislative Delegation, State Fair Board and Six Flags to stress the importance of coming to an agreement for the good of the Commonwealth, Louisville and Six Flags. “The stakes are too high for us to sit idly by while Louisville watches yet another employer leave town”, said Councilman Heiner.

Councilmen Tandy and Heiner will hold a joint press conference today at 2:00 PM at the Six Flags main gate.