Kentucky Public Radio’s Stu Johnson filed this piece yesterday:

Legislation to permit bible literacy courses in Kentucky high schools has easily cleared the Kentucky senate.

Individual school councils would decide whether to offer the elective bible literacy class. Bill sponsor David Boswell says if the course is taught and not preached, it meets constitutional muster…

“We’ve promoted this piece of legislation purely from an academic standpoint from its inception,” he says.

Boswell says the bill doesn’t mandate a certain version of the bible. The measure passed 37 to one with Lexington senator Kathy Stein voting no. She says she believes the bill is “fraught with peril.’’’

“There will be a great deal of pressure on teachers in various communities to teach the bible as true history,” she says.

Stein says children of other faiths or no faith at all might drop the course. Boswell’s not sure how the bill will fare in the house. If passed into law, he says courses could probably be offered this fall.