The Louisville Metro Parks blog has a discussion about the aging teepee in Cherokee Park. A draft plan has the teepee being replaced, but nothing is final. From Metro Parks:

  • There are no immediate plans to remove the teepee, nor is funding being sought for such an effort.
  • If funding is someday in place for this, approval to remove and replace the structure would trigger another public review and opportunity for public comment at that time.
  • No new parking is proposed at the current location of the teepee. In fact, there would be no net increase in parking space in this area of the park.
  • Master plan recommendations can evolve over time, based on changing community priorities, new information, cost limitations, etc. To that end, additional feedback is always welcome at and
  • The teepee structure is not in great shape. An estimate prepared by the Olmsted Parks Conservancy found that repairing the roof alone would cost at least $150,000 – about the cost of building a new shelter. Over the long-term, replacing the shelter would be more cost-effective.
  • The Olmsted Parks philosophy of “restore, enhance and preserve” has gradually implemented removal of elements that are inconsistent with the Olmsted design intent and replaced them with facilities and structures that are consistent with that design intent.