Yesterday, Democratic mayoral candidate David Tandy discussed his plan for improving education in Louisville. This is part of the multi-faceted platform Tandy released earlier this year. He’s now discussing the individual planks.

  • Making libraries, computers, and gyms available to the public after school so that our education resources are available to the entire community, and to keep children occupied between 3 and 6 p.m., when they often are unsupervised.
  • Recruiting parents and volunteers to support our students with additional academic help and through programs such as Security Dads (where fathers patrol hallways, offer tutoring help, and attend after-school events).
  • Promoting events like “Light’s On After School” or “School’s In” night to encourage parents to meet their children at school to help with homework, visit with on-site tutors, and meet with teachers and staff.
  • Helping to secure funding for full time nurses throughout JCPS to promote and support healthy students and to lower the overall absenteeism rate.
  • Expanding after-school, weekend, and summer programs through school-based community centers or other non-profit entities such as faith-based community development centers, providing positive activities that encourage educational achievement and prevent delinquency.