Republican Bill Johnson is dropping out of the Senate race, and will not endorse either of the frontrunners, Trey Grayson and Rand Paul.

“Magellan Strategies completed a poll for the campaign on Tuesday evening.  The results were not encouraging for a continued run. It is time to gracefully and honorably exit the race for the U.S. Senate.

“I have no regrets. Spending time with men like Bob Heft (50 Star American Flag designer) and Dr. Alan Keyes (Pro-life advocate) has enriched my life.  Talking with Kentucky’s Republican congressman during the past few months reassures me that good people are fighting hard for America.  I am happy to say that we have some outstanding men and women serving at the state level, many of them have given me words of encouragement.  And meeting conservative men and women across the state of Kentucky has renewed my faith that America will again head back to the Constitution.

“Trey and Rand are both good men.  I have decided to remain neutral for now and clear of endorsements.  Regardless of who wins the primary, I offer my full support to helping that candidate become our next U.S. Senator from Kentucky.

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