Census forms will be sent out soon. And while it may seem quaint to fill it out by hand and mail it in, keep in mind that a web-only census isn’t yet feasible. First of all, it would be quite an undertaking to build a computer system to safely and accurately handle the merger. Plus, the government doesn’t have a record of everyone’s e-mail address, so some mailings would have to go out.

Also, access to a quality internet connection is nonexistent in many poor and rural areas. One way to help these areas to get better schools, libraries, etc. is to have everyone fill out the census form.

So that brings me to a few discussion points…

1. Should there be some sort of government e-mail address system (in addition to private addresses) so the government can reach citizens?

2. Is internet access a right? A study out of London shows that 4 out of 5 adults believe it is.