It looks like LEO had it right. Here are the official Courier-Journal/WHAS11/SurveyUSA poll results for the mayor’s race.

Check it out:


Heiner 30
Robertson 6
Thieneman 34
Undecided 30


Allen 8
Farnsley 4
Fischer 20
King 12
Marshall 2
Moxley 3
Tandy 17
White 2
Undecided 32

Page One has a quote from the CJ. You’ll have to buy it to read the story…it’s not online.

Fischer leads among white Democrats; Tandy leads among black Democrats. Tandy runs strong among those who attend church regularly; Fischer leads among those who almost never attend church. King and Tandy do well among pro-life Democrats; Fischer leads among pro-choice Democrats. Fischer’s supporters are more affluent, Tandy’s supporters less so.

A lot of percentage points are likely due to name recognition at this point, but at the same time, we can’t ignore the early success of money spent and campaigning. Were you surprised by these results?