Men’s Health has named Louisville one of the best places to live.

The magazine calls it the Best Place to Sip Whiskey and Watch the World Go By.

The editors base their choices on the idea that a magazine’s reader might move to a new city for a specific reason.  They also look at access to leisure activities and culture.

The brief article refers to Bardstown Road as a “slice of weirdness in the midst of an upscale neighborhood.”  It also points out bourbon has become a “sophisticated beverage rather than redneck swill” and says that “parallels the city’s cultural renaissance.”

What’s this “Watch the world go by” comment about? I’ve heard visitors say they like how leisurely Louisville seems. I’ve always credited that to the fact that these people are probably on vacation, but is it true? Does Louisville (through a combination of the city government, business atmosphere and overall culture) give off a relaxed vibe? Is that a bad thing? Can a city be leisurely and businesslike at the same time?