Fox41 has an interview with independent candidate for mayor Dr. Nimbus Couzin.

We broke the news of Couzin’s candidacy, but aside from signs at his coffee shop, the Couzin campaign has been fairly silent. Part of that likely has to do with the fact that Couzin and the two other independent candidates don’t face a primary, so why bother full-scale campaigning when major party contests are dominating the news?

Here’s a clip of the interview:

Couzin says if elected, he would provide more funding for TARC and offer micro-loans to business owners to increase jobs. He also says that development bids that rival or are equal to out-of-state developers should be given to local companies.

“Part of my platform is to look at sustainability over progress,” he said. “And progress is inevitable, but we need to do that in a sustainable manner.”

Because he’s a political outsider, he says he doesn’t owe anyone or any party any favors.

He likes LMPD Police Chief Robert White, but thinks officers should not have to pay to take their cars home. And he wants more police patrolling the street on foot.