The ‘Ville Voice is questioning the Courier-Journal editorial board’s decision to not interview some of the candidates for mayor. Specifically, Democrat Lisa Moxley.

Moxley faired better than Shannon White in the paper’s own poll. Yet  White was interviewed and Moxley was not. So I can’t really cry sexism.

It’s no secret, according to C-J writers, that the paper is leaning toward an endorsement of David Tandy.  So no one can play the race card.

So I’m left wondering… Why wasn’t Lisa Moxley included?

What gives?  Why is the editorial board allowing negative perception to overshadow the endorsement process?

Surely this is just a simple mistake and I don’t have to pop a vein.

Sure, the ed board is excluding Connie Marshall and Burrell Farnsley, but those two are clearly of the exotic crazy level of reality.  And Jonathan Robertson on the Republican side is being excluded. Crazy, unknown, whatever… don’t these folks deserve equal consideration?

The editorial board has not responded to our requests for clarification.

Other campaigns have weighed in on the decision. What are your thoughts?