An Ohio property firm is looking into building a new CVS in the Douglass Loop area of Bardstown Road. Specifically, the drug store would be where the Twig and Leaf diner has stood for decades.

There’s already a CVS next to the Kroger down the street from the loop, but reports that Kroger owns that property and hopes to reclaim it once CVS’s lease on its current location expires.

There will be a public meeting at 444 S. 5th Street on Tuesday.

…citizens are invited to a meeting for a preliminary review of the proposal. “They’re expecting a lot of people—that corner is one of the hot points in the Highlands,” with Deer Park, Highland-Douglass and Belknap all coming to a point at that corner.

“I personally think it’s the worst thing that could possibly happen to the neighborhood,” says Maria Moore, who owns Dundee Candy Shop. “I don’t like it. It would be a shame to lose businesses that have been in the neighborhood for so many years. I can’t imagine that corner without the Twig.”

Despite the potential outcry over the loss or relocation of local businesses, a drugstore of CVS’ scale promises to be a logistical nightmare. “Trafficwise, it’s a state road and they want an entrance off of Bardstown Rd. I don’t even know if they can even get a curb cut,” Long says.