This post comes to us from WFPL’s Stephanie Crosby

This morning I attended what you might call a ‘pro-coal’ rally in downtown Louisville. A number of Republican candidates in upcoming elections were speakers. (WFPL coverage)

A few minutes before the event started at Jefferson Square Park, a large number of people walked up, being generally boisterous and carrying Rand Paul signs. Their loud and very vocal support for the U.S. Senate candidate continued throughout the press conference, and the Republican even took the opportunity at the beginning of his remarks to “thank Trey Grayson (his opponent in the primary) for coming to the Rand Paul pro-coal rally”. His supporters, of course, went berserk. Paul, who is the son of U.S. Representative Ron Paul of Texas, continued with a six minute speech, which was often interrupted with raucous cheers from the crowd.

Kentucky Secretary of State Trey Grayson – the other Republican seeking the Senate seat – spoke next and was introduced to polite claps from the Paul supporters. Grayson quickly began his remarks with a gesture to the Paul supporters and said he “want(ed) to welcome to Kentucky all the folks who are spending their spring break here learning about campaigns and hopefully learning a bit about Kentucky.” This was not met with cheers.

About 15 minutes later when the event was over, I approached the crowd of Rand Paul supporters and asked one guy if he was from Kentucky. He wasn’t. Neither was the next guy. So I asked if they knew any of the people there who were from Kentucky. They looked away.

As the group of people started walking away from me, I raised my voice, “Are any of you from Kentucky?” I was met with turned backs and heard one guy say, “There is one guy. Where’s that kid from Kentucky?”

They didn’t find him.