Here is a statement from Metro Council Majority Leader Madonna Flood on the audit of Metro Government.

“On behalf of the Majority Caucus, we want to thank Crit Luallen and her staff for presenting such a comprehensive and thorough review of Louisville Metro Government’s financial practices. I want to assure the taxpayers; the Majority Caucus and the entire Metro Council take this audit very seriously and will carefully review all of the documentation and work with this administration to ensure the recommendations made are implemented to provide efficiency and overall transparency across Metro Government.”

“In late April, the first ever joint meeting of our Budget and Government Accountability Committee will be held and attended by Ms. Luallen where we will further discuss this audit and what additional measures should be taken to avoid these lapses in the GAAP in the future. In the meantime, I want to reiterate, the Council will be monitoring the implementation of these recommendations and will use them as a tool to improve our budget discussions as we move forward.”

Here is the response from Minority Caucus Chair and Vice-Chair (respectively) Hal Heiner and Ken Fleming:

“The 69 signifigant findings, 12 of which were material, should send a jolt to those in this government who are satisfied with the status quo. The work by the Office of the State Auditor Crit Luallen and her staff is to be commended as she has helped bring to light many of the deficiencies that some members of this council brought up as the result of the Cordish give-a-ways and the scandals that have hit Metro Animal Services and Housing. Metro Government must begin a focused effort to make substantive changes to the way business is done within the departments to ensure that the same types of deficiencies do not plague this community in future years.”

– Councilman Hal Heiner (District 19)

“As vice-chairman of the Government Oversight and Accountability Committee and a member of the Budget Committee, I look forward to hearing real solutions to the dozens of substantial problems outlined within the report submitted by State Auditor Crit Luallen. In the past, I and other members of the budget committee have asked for the administration to change their practices of hiring people without financial educations to the position of  business manager. This report supports our past efforts, and hopefully leads this and future administrations down a path where we hire people because of what they know, rather that who they know or how long they have served Metro Government.”

– Council Ken Fleming (District 7)

And here is an mp3 of the Mayor’s press conference on the audit.

Here is the WFPL story about the mayor’s reaction.