Louisville Metro Councilman and Democratic Candidate for Mayor David Tandy released his crime prevention plan today.

Here are the key points:

Maximizing citation authority among all city employees for quality of life crimes and violations.

  • *  Having zero tolerance for and rapidly responding to problem properties.
  • *   Working with landlords to improve the safety of rental housing—and to hold those entities accountable when rental housing locations are not safe or are blighting a neighborhood.
  • *   Strategically taking back major streets and business districts from blight and disorder.
  • *    Tackling graffiti, litter, and illegal dumping through enforcement and prevention.
  • *   Repairing broken street lights and potholes, towing abandoned vehicles, and providing other City-administered services in a rapid and responsive manner.
  • *   Implementing strategies like the Methamphetamine Awareness Program that target the production, sale and abuse of drugs