Republican Chris Thieneman was on TV the other day discussing FEMA grants and the recent audit of Metro Government.

Democrats Tyler Allen and Jim King also spoke out about the audit. Allen held a press conference and King made this statement:

“As many in this community are aware, I’ve long had concerns over the level of transparency at City Hall.  While I’m pleased that the mayor is focusing on our accounting system, I’m still convinced the only way to hold government truly accountable and for the people of this community to trust its government is to open the city’s books to the light of day.  As a Metro Councilman, I have worked to improve the levels of transparency by creating the city’s Government Accountability and Oversight Committee and authoring the city’s Transparency Ordinance.  I am the only practicing CPA on the Metro Council and in the race for mayor and if elected, on day one I will implement a system of internal accountable controls that will eliminate the material weaknesses and significant control deficiencies that currently exist in Metro Government’s accounting system.”

Metro Council leaders Madonna Flood, Hal Heiner and Ken Fleming have weighed in on the audit. Heiner is also a Republican candidate for mayor. His campaign has this statement:

“Unfortunately this could just be the tip of the iceberg, which is why Councilman Heiner has laid out a plan in his transparency policy that calls for a full scale audit of every department and agency in Metro Government.  Ultimately it is the mayor’s responsibility to have a financial management system in place that can be relied upon, and what has developed over the past 20 years is a culture of complacency in managing taxpayer dollars.  A fiscally sound city is paramount for Louisville to win new jobs, and a Heiner Administration will work to that end.”

Democrat Greg Fischer‘s campaign sent this:

“As an outsider to the Mayor’s Office and Metro Council, the findings from the state auditors report are troubling.  I am aware of the findings and don’t like them at all.  I haven’t run my businesses this way and I won’t let something like this happen on my watch as Mayor.”

And Metro Councilman and Democratic candidate David Tandy‘s campaign spokesperson says he…

…is reviewing the audit and will incorporate the findings into his plan to make metro government transparent and accountable when he is mayor.