On Friday’s State of the News, LEO’s Jonathan Meador mentioned architect Steve Wiser’s proposal for new bridges over the Ohio River between Louisville and southern Indiana. Wiser and 8664 co-founder J.C. Stites will both be at the Neighborhood Planning and Preservation meeting Saturday morning to discuss alternatives to the ORBP.

From a press release:

This meeting will address concerns with the current plan, alternate proposals, the “Say NO to Bridge Tolls” initiative and what citizens in other cities have done under similar circumstances.   J.C. Stites will discuss 86/64’s less costly proposal and its impact on urban revitalization.  Steve Wiser will address how to avoid the disproportionate economic burden on Indiana with his “No Tolls – Better Bridge Alternative “ plan.  The meeting will also explore how the ORBP and the alternatives proposals will impact both sides of the river for years to come.  It will also explore how Kentuckiana citizens can work towards an outcome that enhances their quality of life at the lowest possible cost.

What bearing the opposition will have on the bi-state bridges authority remains to be seen.

If anyone attends this meeting, please let us know about it in the comments.