Louisville’s AFSCME union has endorsed Democrat Jim King for mayor. AFSCME and the Teamsters have had disputes with the current administration, so this seems a little more timely than some of the endorsements we’ve seen in the race so far, though King and Democratic opponent Greg Fischer are still racing to have the most labor support.

From LEO:

“Our union members have long been impressed with Councilman King’s efforts to provide a quality workplace and a fair and equitable wage for Metro employees,” says Greg Frazier, president of AFSCME Local 2629. “Jim’s willingness to provide an environment where all employees have an equal voice will go far toward ensuring a better work environment.”

In the crowded Democratic field, support from labor unions is considered critical and nabbing AFSCME local certainly boosts King among area workers. The fight over which of the eight Democratic candidates has a better labor record and key endorsements has thus far been between King and primary opponent, Louisville businessman Greg Fischer, who has led the pack among union endorsements.