Oh man, Ear-X-Tacy is moving to Bashford Manor! Quick, go to Backseat Sandbar to read the story.

After that, you can pick up a copy of LEO and read about the breaking news that Greg Fischer is a robot.

Of course, it’s all fake. (If anyone in town were a robot, we would certainly know about it).

This being April Fools’ day, pranks abound. Google has news on a vowel shortage and cloud storage of meatspace items. We won’t post any fake news on The Edit, but that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy it. LEO’s fake issue is reminiscent of the Weekly World News, and while we got a few laughs, some people weren’t so happy.

This comment was left on the LEO website:

More pages of horn tooting masquerading as humor. Please send in more metrosexual staffers and music industry dropouts from Nashville to write “local perspectives” for us here in the Ville. I would not wrap a homeless person’s shivering body in your filthy rag. You trash every media outlet in town (except PRP, because then we’d know you’re not really intellectuals), but never mind that your own work tends toward the journalistic merit of People Magazine. Hope the new sales manager is working out. This, er, paper…is looking thin.

And Mojo’s Rick Redding is a little defensive about his shout-out:

Sure, they’re needling me a bit, but probably just because the Mojo traffic counts are so much higher than theirs. Just remember, “The Rick” is watching you.

But even “The Rick” is feeling a little light today. He refers to Churchill Downs employee (and former Six Flags spokesperson) Carolyn McLean as a “spokeschick.”

I like LEO and Mojo just fine, but let’s hope the pseudo-feud stays cordial.