Today is National Bookmobile Day, which is a new part of National Library Week. Given the importance of mobile libraries in rural areas, the Rural Blog has a post about bookmobiles.

A typical bookmobile is Bernice. She is the bookmobile that serves Ward County, North Dakota, according to Andrea Johnson in the Minot Daily News. The vehicle was named Bernice because the librarians got tired of having to write down the initials “B.M.” for “BookMobile” when referring to the vehicle. “Bernice is so much better. And she’s an older lady, so we tried to pick an older lady’s name,” Michelle Demchuk told Johnson.

In 2009, Bernice logged 12,000 miles and  has carried thousands of books. “The farther out, the more they check out,” bookmobile staffer Phyllis Buechler said of her clients. It is a vital service in areas where there isn’t a library or much access to books, the librarians told Johnson.