I didn’t know there was an International Downtown Association, but the group is real and they like Louisville.

The IDA names Louisville’s downtown Downtown of the Month, citing new buildings and attractions.

The next time you drive around downtown Louisville, take a good look around because chances are, it won’t look the same just a couple of months later. Downtown development in the Derby City is booming with new announcements coming out every few weeks – the new downtown Louisville Arena, a new skyscraper, new and updated hotel rooms, museums, and several retail centers with shops and restaurants… just to name a few. Now, in keeping with one of the hottest nationwide trends, Louisville is adding a wide variety of exciting new housing opportunities and styles to its downtown developments.

With more than $2.1 billion in construction occurring in Louisville’s downtown, the streetscape, level of amenities and quality of life is rapidly changing. The number of housing units has doubled in the last 20 years, with 900 units available in 1985 and more than 2,100 units available today. Those numbers are expected to double yet again within just the next three years, with 4,000 downtown housing units built, under construction or in development.