Hi folks!  It’s Laura Ellis with your day-late look at what’s happening this week on SoA.

Yesterday we talked about dating violence among teens, and how to tell if a young person you know might be involved in an abusive relationship.   If you missed it, you can give it a listen here.

Today it’s time for our quarterly chat with Mayor Jerry Abramson, so call in with your questions and comments about what’s new in Louisville.

On Wednesday we’ll look at access to healthcare in rural parts of Kentucky.  Many areas lack specialists, so patients have to travel long distances to get care – especially when surgery is needed, and it’s sometimes too much of a hardship to make the trip again for follow-up care.  We’ll find out what the medical community is doing to address the health issues of urban Kentuckians.

This Thursday we invite you to join us in our studio audience for a live broadcast of State of Affairs!  We’ll be focusing on South & Southwest Louisville this week, as part of WFPL’s Next Louisville Initiative.  Check out the facebook event for details on the panel.  Doors open at 12:30 & we’re on the air from 1-2pm.  Call 502-814-6500 if you need more info!

Hey, speaking of facebook, are you an SoA fan?

On Friday we’ll be rounding out the week with State of the News, when we talk in-depth about recent headlines and stories, with the reporters who covered  them.