Democratic candidate for mayor Greg Fischer has a new TV ad. It’s called “Customer Service.”

Fischer will appear with at least five other Democratic candidates today at the Louisville Forum. We’ll broadcast it tonight at 8:00 on WFPL.

If this Forum meeting follows the template set last month when the Republican candidates squared off, then candidates will be allowed to ask one rival one question. It will be interesting to see who asks what of whom. Fischer leads in the polls, and he may aim his question at the candidate he thinks is his greatest challenger. Jim King‘s internal polls put him in second place, so he will likely try to put Fischer on the spot. David Tandy is in second place according to the C-J/WHAS11 Bluegrass Polls, so he may also try to put Fischer on the spot. But if Tandy’s opportunity to ask comes after King’s, and King asks Fischer, then Tandy may want to try to widen the gap between 2nd and 3rd and ask King something.

It’s a bit tangled, but the biggest blows of the forum can be dealt with these candidate-asked questions. Candidates polling below the top three likely have their own strategies, and I predict most of the questions will go to Fischer and King.