Hey folks, this is Laura Ellis inviting you to join us for a live broadcast of State of Affairs focusing on South & Southwest Louisville, as part of our Next Louisville initiative. We’re on 4th Street between Broadway & Chestnut, next to the Louisville Palace. We’ll take questions and comments from our studio audience, calls from listeners at home, and hear from our panel members, listed below. Doors open at 12:30 & we’re live on the air from 1-2pm.

Pleasure Ridge Park, Valley Station, Riverport, Cane Run, Iroquois, Shively, Fairdale Auburndale and South Central the South/Southwest end of town just goes on and on. Over the years South/Southwest Louisville has had farms, a mall (Westland anyone?), neighborhoods, major department stores, and even a zoo! Nowadays the neighborhoods keep growing, but new retail development is hard to find. Residents are proud of their area and many who move away return, so why is it so hard to attract businesses? And like other areas, South/Southwest Louisville has other challenges as well. How can South/Southwest Louisville become a bigger player in the Metro?

Vince Jarboe, current president Southwest DreamTeam, business owner
Robert Price, former president, resident and business owner Southwest DreamTeam
Khalilah Collins, Executive Director, Women in Transition, Resident