Former Deputy Mayor Rick Johnstone is in charge of Louisville At Work, the organization that oversees federal stimulus spending in the Metro. He gave the Metro Council’s Transportation Committee an update on stimulus spending Wednesday.

Afterward, he told me he has some frustrations with the stimulus. For instance, he wishes there were a better way to ensure federal oversight of the funds. There were some delays for projects due to the extra reporting that had to be done by Metro Government before work could begin. But most hurdles have been cleared and about 2,500 projects will begin after Derby.

But all that work gives Johnstone another regulatory burden. A sign has to be posted at each work site to say the project was funded by the stimulus package. With sidewalks across the city being renovated, Johnstone says he’s working out a way to cut down on clutter.

“I have this vision of a yard sign-type thing that we can put so that they know when there’s construction in their neighborhood,” he says. “It’s contractors—it’s all private contractors who will be working there—based on stimulus dollars. So yeah, we’re going to make that as visible as possible.”