Former Louisville Mayor David Armstrong says this about Democratic candidate for mayor Greg Fischer:

And, as one of the most active leaders of the merger campaign, I clearly see that the promise of merger has not yet been fulfilled. Our community needs Greg Fischer as our mayor because he knows the importance of making good on the promise of merger.

I’ve known Greg Fischer for over 20 years. He has integrity, a clear vision for our future, a passion for Louisville and its people, and is a conscientious worker.

Armstrong recently discussed merger on State of Affairs, and his former counterpart, former County Judge Executive Rebecca Jackson commented on merger for a feature story on WFPL.

The last seven years may very well go down in history as the breaking in period for merger. If that’s the case, then once the economy recovers, the stage will be set for the next mayor to begin fulfilling these promises of merger. The pieces linked above ask “what were the promises of merger?” and the question now is how can those promises be fulfilled?