This post comes to us from environmental reporter Kristin Espeland-Gourlay.

This week, the Ohio River Radio Consortium was all about Earth Day. We sent Consortium reporters to several locations on the day itself to find out how people were celebrating in various parts of the Valley. Turns out, there were events everywhere, of every stripe, for the young, old, and in between.

Why focus so much on it? This Earth Day was the celebration’s 40th anniversary. As we wrote at, 20 million Americans came out to protest for better environmental policies on the first Earth Day, and since then it’s gone global. It was a chance, also, to look at how far we’ve come, environmentally speaking, since then, and how far we still have to go. Things really started to pick up for the environment right after that first Earth Day – the Clean Water Act came along, and the Clean Air Act, and more, all major pieces of environmental legislation that have gone a long way toward cleaning up our water, air, and more. But lately, it seems, we’ve been unable to drum up the kind of support needed for such significant environmental legislation, and we’ve seen enforcement of some of what’s already on the books go limp.

As one 10 year old boy told me at an Earth Day celebration in Springfield, KY, “Looks like we need a lot more Earth Days.”