The so-called Indian Head Rock is on its way back to Kentucky.

From the AP:

A two-state legal battle over who owns a chunk of river rock is ending with a win for Kentucky over Ohio.

A federal judge has ordered a lawsuit stayed after the states reached a deal returning the 8-ton boulder to Kentucky from Ohio.

For generations, Indian Head Rock jutted out of the water on the Kentucky side of the Ohio River. It served as a navigation marker for boaters and a surface for carvings of initials, names and a crude face.

An expedition of Ohioans moved the rock to Portsmouth, Ohio, three years ago. Kentucky has been fighting for its return since then in what some dubbed “our rock war.”

U.S. District Judge Henry R. Wilhoit Jr. on Friday ordered the legal proceedings stayed while the sides work out the logistics of moving the rock.

And as the C-J reports, the rock will be relocated once a crane is available to lift it.

For fans of nerdy late 80s/early 90s indie rock, I considered headlining this post “We Won The Rock, But They’ll Need A Crane,” but The Edit is a no-pun zone.