The Louisville Convention and Tourism Bureau recently commissioned a study to find out how Louisville can improve its tourism industry. Possible improvements include:

  • A downtown destination center
  • An updated plan for where to put retail and housing downtown
  • One or more new, large sculptures (like the giant Louisville Slugger)
  • Trolley Service
  • Light Rail
  • Re-opening Kentucky Kingdom

Democratic mayoral candidate David Tandy has long talked about improving the tourism industry in Louisville, and while no one has laid out how to pay for it, Tandy is among several candidates proposing light rail in Louisville. Tandy released this statement today, in response to the study:

As the only candidate in this race who has presented a vision for making the expansion of Louisville’s tourism industry a priority, I was pleased to see that the study conducted by Convention Sports & Leisure drew the same conclusions and proposed many of the same strategies.  We must begin right now to invest in tourism in order to compete with cities across the country.

That is why I have proposed an aggressive marketing campaign to provide travelers from around the world with information about what Louisville has to offer and at the same time presented a comprehensive plan for downtown redevelopment which will make Louisville a more attractive destination for conventions and tourism.

Among Democrats, Jim King has said he also supports a stronger tourism industry and Burrell Farnsley has proposed 24-hour bar service as a way to attract and keep visitors and locals downtown.