Democratic candidate for mayor Shannon White sent an e-mail today commenting on last month’s audit of Metro Government. White’s criticism of Metro Government comes two days after State Auditor Crit Luallen discussed the audit with two Metro Council committees.

In the e-mail, White criticizes Democratic candidates David Tandy and Jim King and Republican candidate Hal Heiner (all three are councilmembers) for their relationship to metro government, even though they weren’t cited for being behind anything in the audit. White specifically targets Tandy for his trip to Baltimore to meet with Cordish executives about a loan the city gave the company.

I am outraged over the current administration’s handling of taxpayers’ dollars. Let us NOT forget that the recent state audit found 69 problems areas with metro government mostly due to MAJOR accounting problems, including 23.5 MILLION dollars in question.

Ten of thousands of dollars were not accounted for in Metro Corrections, the city actually gave back thousands of dollars of federal grant money and lost cats and dogs that were in the care of Metro Animal Services.

I am disappointed over the latest ads from three of my opponents promising an “open and honest government” … promises that the city government will be held accountable.

It is all complete BULL- these current Metro Council members are part of the establishment and part of the problem. Hal Heiner, Jim King and David Tandy are the reason our local government is in the shape it’s in.

In addition, we should remember that Councilman Tandy continues to promise transparency when he went on a fact finding mission to investigate the Cordish deal that involved 900,000 dollars of tax money- your hard earned money.

And Tandy ended up signing a confidentiality agreement while promising transparency- he knows what happened to our tax dollars- but agreed with the big corporation to keep it silent.

David Tandy & Jim King both served as presidents of Metro Council.

Do you really want more of the same administration? If we elect a councilmember to keep doing the same things- Louisville will get the same results.