Former Louisville Mayor David Armstrong is touting his support for Democratic mayoral candidate Greg Fischer in Fischer’s latest ad. For the record, Armstrong’s former counterpart Rebecca Jackson supports, and is working on, Republican Hal Heiner‘s campaign. Jackson was the last Judge Executive before merger, and she told WFPL recently that she didn’t seek the mayor’s office because she felt new leaders should step up to run the new merged government. (She doesn’t fault Jerry Abramson for seeking the mayor’s office, though–she attributes his decision to different philosophies on governance.)

With Derby over and the primary about two weeks away, it’s likely that we’ll see the mayoral campaigns step up their efforts. LEO speculates that things may get negative, and that’s possible. Negative ads are often (but not always) used not to win voters for a candidate, but to discourage voters from supporting another candidate. Yes, some voters may switch altogether, but given the number of likely Democratic voters who are undecided or not firmly committed, negative ads could do significant damage in the polls in the mayor’s race. However, too much negativity can backfire, so an all-out attack may be ill-advised in such a crowded primary. But if a candidate has a strong enough core of supporters, some campaign risks may pay off.

We’ve already seen some attacks in the primaries, though. Chris Thieneman went negative on Hal Heiner and Shannon White blasted King, Heiner and Tandy in an e-mail to supporters.