Happy Monday folks!  This is Laura Ellis with a look at what’s coming up this week on State of Affairs.

Today we’re talking about racial bias in social services.  How does systemic and individual prejudice affect who has access to which services and what kind of assistance?

Earthquakes have been in the headlines lately and has some of us scratching our heads at the vague memory that the New Madrid Fault runs right through Kentucky.  Tomorrow we’re talking about earthquake preparedness – how to teach your family what to do in the event of an earthquake, and how our officials have prepared to deal with a possible seismic event and its aftermath.

On Wednesday we turn to white lightning, hooch, mountain dew, corn liquor… you know, moonshine.    Amateur distillers and the sometimes dangerous beverages they produced have a fabled place in American history.  We’ll hear some of that story when author Max Watman joins us to talk about his book, Chasing the White Dog: An Amateur Outlaw’s Adventures in Moonshine.

Following the downturn in the economy, things have been a bit bleak for TARC.  Route cuts and staff reductions have riders concerned for the future of a service some already found less than perfect.  This Thursday we’ll sit down with Executive Director Barry Barker and talk about the current condition of our bus system and what he sees as the future of TARC.

On Friday we’re rounding out the week with State of the News – a chance to talk in-depth about the stories that made headlines this week, with the reporters who covered them.