Our latest Next Louisville feature comes from Kristin Espeland Gourlay. It’s a look at what south Louisville residents want in the next mayor. You can read and listen here.

And here’s an excerpt:

One word crops up a lot when you ask [residents] what they most want from a new mayor:


So, at a recent forum for mayoral candidates, resident Joyce Willer showed up to hear what kind of attention they might pay an area she says gets forgotten.

“A lot of times in the south, are left out of a lot of things, that other people aren’t in the east end,” she said.

Willer uses a wheelchair, and she says accessibility is one example of the kind of service found downtown and in the east end, but badly neglected where she calls home: pleasure ridge park.  Still, she says it’s worth staying put for the people of the south end.

“It’s like in the old times, people help each other out, neighbor helps neighbor, and especially in this economy, that’s made a big difference,” Willer said.

District 12 councilman Rick  Blackwell also attended the forum.  He was anxious to hear from the candidates how they might address his constituents top concerns.

“We sent out a questionnaire to our constituents and got questions returned back, and the vast majority have to do with, really, development issues, and basically it just boils down to attention.”

Blackwell says people in his district want more places to shop and eat – to spend their money closer to home.