Republican candidate for mayor Hal Heiner has released an 18-point plan for improving public safety and quality of life. This is the latest in the series of candidate platform rollouts. To see more from the other candidates, check out the Next Louisville page.

From the campaign:

The comprehensive strategy has three component parts: initiatives to Enhance Quality of Life, A Commitment to Safe and Secure Neighborhoods and a very specific plan for tackling decaying neighborhoods through redevelopment and investment. Within each of those areas, Mr. Heiner laid out detailed ideas to tackle the challenges facing the community.

Enhance Quality of Life

  • Sidewalks to Schools
  • Pothole in Your Street? There’s an App for That!
  • Invest in Libraries
  • Develop our Own “Magnificent Mile”
  • Support Metro Parks and 21st Century Parks Plan
  • Support for Local Arts
  • Sustain Louisville’s Architectural Splendor
  • Get Involved!

A Commitment to Safe and Secure Neighborhoods

  • Retain “Take Home” Vehicles for Police
  • Reward Continuing Education
  • Establish a Special Support Team within Metro Police
  • Streamline Procedures to Process Criminals
  • Establish a “Graffiti Busters” Team in Public Works
  • Support Efforts for Rehabilitation and Recovery

Targeting Urban Blight and Decay

  • Establish Neighborhood Empowerment Zones
  • Capitalize a Public/Private Strategic Property Acquisition Fund
  • Establish a “Top 25” List of Louisville’s Most Problematic Abandoned Properties
  • Require a 13 Point Inspection Prior to Boarding a Property