Democratic candidate for mayor Tyler Allen discusses the Ohio River Bridges Project and the possibility of tolls in his first television ad. You can watch it here.

Allen is sometimes criticized for being a one-issue candidate, but he’s quick to say the issue is the most important one facing the city today. He says he’s discussed many other issues on the campaign trail, but receives the most attention for his bridges-related activism. In the spot, Allen paints the ORBP as a waste of money and time that distracts from more important concerns, and if concern over tolls and the ORBP is indeed growing, the ads could put Allen in a better position to benefit from that concern on May 18.

This is Allen’s first TV ad, but he has a number of videos online, including a visit to my former home, St. Louis. St. Louis is no glowing beacon of efficient transportation, but a new bridge over the Mississippi River is under construction and cuts to public transit are being restored with money from a half-cent local sales tax increase. (Local sales tax increases are not currently allowed in Kentucky.)