The Democratic primary for mayor is heating up. Here’s a quick overview.

Jim King launched an ad hitting Greg Fischer on several topics.

Fischer responded, accusing King of lying to voters.

The King camp responded to the response:

Dishonest and desperate Greg Fischer is showing his true hypocritical colors again.  In his latest TV ad, he attacks Jim King and says that King is not telling the truth.  But the facts tell a different story…

This could be the tone of the race for the next 10 days. Does it affect how you will vote? Depending on the tone and depth, negative ads have historically had divergent results in races. These spots could keep undecided voters from going to one candidate or the other and they may draw voters who actively dislike King to vote for Fischer and vice versa. They could also increase the “Anybody but ______” sentiment among voters. But the voters who may be most turned off by negative ads may also not be willing to vote for the candidates running them anyway. However, it’s often thought that voters exaggerate how much they don’t like negative ads.

Given the number of undecideds and the soft voter intensity, stopping uncommitted voters from attaching to a specific candidate could be part of a winning strategy. Have these ads changed your mind on anyone?