A new coworking space has opened on Main Street downtown. Icebox Co-Labs is a collaborative workspace for independent and freelance workers.

Co-founder John Wurth sent the press release out this morning, touting the space’s amenities.

IceBox Co-Labs features a 3000-square-foot shared office space, a 3500-square-foot mixed use room, and a separate 1500-square-foot space housing the FLD recording studio. The office space will support up to 22 coworkers with access to the mixed use room for private meetings.


“By pooling resources through a coworking model, freelancers can afford the space and equipment necessary to compete with much larger, better-financed companies,” explains Steele.

There’s a grand opening later this month.

What do you think? Are you an independent worker who would like a workspace that isn’t your home or a nearby business?