Democratic mayoral candidate Jim King has released another ad hitting fellow Democratic candidate Greg Fischer on his support of tolls and on Fischer’s apparent lack of knowledge about the size of the city budget. In a recent interview, Fischer said he does know the size of the budget, but didn’t say it at a recent candidates’ forum because he was pressed for time and only answered the second part of a two-part question. The second part was about how he would propose financing payments in the firefighters settlement.

The ad also criticizes Fischer’s proposed office of sustainability as additional bureaucracy.

Fischer released a video responding to King’s first negative ad. A spokesperson for the Fischer campaign sent this statement:

“This ad shows once again that Jim King and the truth have never met. Jim King lives in a world where the truth is twisted, distorted, or, in the case of this ad, is utterly ignored at his convenience. Louisville deserves better than this. I will be honored to lead Louisville as the next mayor with a positive vision based on a lifetime of effective partnerships and results.”

The ad’s mention of tolls is interesting, since bridge tolls are also the theme of Tyler Allen‘s first ad. On Tuesday, King and Allen both made their positions on tolls clear, in case they weren’t clear already. King supports the two-bridge plan, but says he will not support tolls on existing bridges. He added that he thinks more could be done to secure enough federal dollars for the bridges to make tolls unnecessary.