From the City of Jeffersonville, via Broken Sidewalk

From the City of Jeffersonville, via Broken Sidewalk

Earlier this year we reported on the plans for a canal and canal district in Jeffersonville in southern Indiana.

The canal’s main purpose is to alleviate sewer flooding, but it will also become a major part of Jeffersonville’s development and urban design. The open waterway is expected to have a scenic design that will attract new development.

Broken Sidewalk has an overview of the project, and words of praise:

I think we really need to applaud Jeffersonville for such innovative out-of-the-box thinking.  The canal demonstrates that the city is prepared to tackle the interrelatedness of major issues such as its sewer and flooding problem, economic development, urban design, sustainability, recreation, tourism, and civic beautification.  All that packed into a single proposal.

This kind of approach should be fostered in the region to solve interrelated big problems rather than looking at each issue individually and losing the big picture.  Too often, our leaders can’t see the forest for the trees.

What are your thoughts on the canal and Jeffersonville’s approach to fixing its sewer problem?