This post comes to us from WFPK’s Mark Bacon, who recently visited Haiti.

My apologies for not sending an update earlier,  and for not sending much now. On Monday we visited to two sites, delivering over 650 meals to children. One site was an orphanage for some of the most profoundly mentally disabled kids any of us have seen; as with much of thee Third World, they are swept under a rug. Thanks to one of the most amazing people I have ever met, Gladys, they are not forgotten. Their smiles would light whole continents.

Today (the 18th) was Haiti’s Flag Day; the founding of the nation. In light of their recent misery, the joy and spirit were unmatched in my life.
I will elaborate upon my return. For now, let me just say I am humbled and awed. I need time to gather my thoughts, and the power outtages here are against me anyway.
Be thankful, each of you, for electricity, showers, clean clothes and food.  (Although Haitian cuisine is brilliant, for those who can afford it.)
More upon my return to D.C. In closing, Mesi bokopu, Ayiti. Ke Bon Dye kenbe ou nan ke ti!