The Washington Post says Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell had the worst week in politics this week.


McConnell, the senior senator from Kentucky, watched helplessly as his hand-picked candidate to replace retiring Sen. Jim Bunning (R) was walloped Tuesday by ophthalmologist Rand Paul, whose campaign was premised on running against the establishment politics that McConnell lives and breathes. Paul’s victory amounted to a direct rebuke of McConnell’s status as the godfather of Kentucky politics and showed that even the most powerful Republican in the Senate can’t stop the onrush of the “tea partiers.”

As if that wasn’t indignity enough, McConnell had to grin and bear it as Paul caused a media firestorm by inexplicably relitigating the tenets of the Civil Rights Act — the very sort of comment that had led people such as McConnell to back the other guy in the primary.