Public Service Commission  officials previously said LG&E and KU’s impending sale to Pennsylvania-based PPL won’t affect the PSC’s consideration of a requested rate increase, but Attorney General and U.S. Senate candidate Jack Conway has asked the PSC to dismiss the rate case for now.

Tony McVeigh reports:

At the same time LG&E and KU are seeking 250-million dollars in rate increases, the companies are being sold to PPL. The merger must be approved by the Public Service Commission, which also must sign-off on the rate hikes. Attorney General Jack Conway says the rate cases and the sale of the utilities should not be allowed to proceed simultaneously.

“I don’t think this particular rate increase, which the companies have admitted raises the credit profile and makes E.ON U.S. a more attractive target, is the appropriate time to go forward with such a rate increase,” he says.

It’s up to the PSC to rule on Conway’s dismissal motion and the attorney general hopes the commission will do so before next Tuesday’s hearing in the rate case.