No, not Limbaugh. The Ayn Rand-referencing, double-guitar playing, Canadian progressive rock trio has asked Senate candidate Rand Paul to stop using their tunes on the campaign trail.

It turns out the campaign wasn’t using the music with the band’s permission, according to Rush’s attorney, Robert Farmer.

Farmer, general counsel for the Anthem Entertainment Group Inc. in Toronto, which is Rush’s record label, has sent a letter to Paul campaign officials informing them that they have violated copyright laws — and urging them to stop.”This is not a political issue — this is a copyright issue,” Farmer said in an interview. “We would do this no matter who it is.”


Jesse Benton, Paul’s campaign manager, said in an e-mail: “The background music Dr. Paul has played at events is a non-issue. The issues that matter in this campaign are cutting out-of-control deficits, repealing Obama Care and opposing cap and trade.”

He did not say if the campaign would stop using the band’s music.

Paul has shown an affinity for Rush before, and the band has a strong following of libertarian listeners.