The Gray Street Farmers’ Market–which is operated by the Louisville Metro Department of Health and Wellness–will now accept debit and food stamps cards. Stephanie Crosby reported on the development, and had this quote from department director Dr. Adewale Troutman:

“To be able to swipe your card, if you are on food stamps, and being able to shop here at the farmers market is a real positive for everybody,” says Troutman. “It’s a positive for the farmers market, it’s positive for the residents, who sometimes can’t find a grocery store close by to get fresh produce, so it’s a good addition to increasing access to fresh produce.”

The announcement follows the release of the State of Food report, which noted a lack of fresh food in west Louisville and along Broadway. As farmers’ markets grow, the discussion of accessibility increases. For example, the 2009 documentary Food Inc. ended with a call for farmers’ markets to accept payment methods other than cash.

What do you think? Does your farmers’ market accept debit cards or food stamps? Is there a demand for such payment methods in your neighborhood?