Hey folks, it’s Laura Ellis, with a somewhat tardy look at what’s on the State of Affairs agenda this week!

Today we had lots of fun talking about all the fun things there are to do right here in our own city, on a show about staycationing in Louisville.

Tomorrow we’ll talk to author Jasmine Farrier about her book Congressional Ambivalence: The Political Burdens of Constitutional Authority.

On Wednesday we’re taking a look at the causes, symptoms, treatments and prevention of prostate cancer.

Have you ever heard people talk about taking care of their elderly parents express that they feel like they are parenting their own parents?  This Thursday we’ll have a conversation about the rights of the elderly, including the right to privacy (and how that plays out in places like assisted living facilities), and our tendency to infantilize seniors as they grow older and need more assistance.

And of course, Friday brings us another edition of State of the News, where we go behind the headlines, with the reporters who cover the news.