As reported, the deadline for candidates to apply to fill Metro Councilman George Unseld‘s 6th District seat was Friday at 5:00 pm. The seat was declared vacant last week Councilman Unseld’s death. Twenty candidates applied (see below). You can see their resumes here and here.

The applicants will be given a background check, and the qualified candidates will be interviewed during a special meeting of the Metro Council on Tuesday, June 29th at 4:30 pm. The council will vote on Unseld’s successor the following day at 5:00.

The new councilmember will not necessarily serve the remainder of Unseld’s term, though. A special election will be held for the seat in November. It’s expected that the council will choose a Democrat to fill the seat later this month and it’s expected that person will be the party’s choice to run in November. The county GOP will also select a candidate for the November election. The winner of the special election will serve the remainder of Unseld’s term. The regular election for the seat will be held in 2012.

The applicants are:

·         Carolyn Bowman

·         Neeka L. Parks Thompson

·         Carol Clark

·         Stephen Peterson

·         Ken Herndon

·         Cassia Herron

·         John P. Albers

·         Mary Sullivan

·         David James

·         Phillip T. Baker

·         Angela D. Hollingsworth

·         Daniel O. Borsch

·         Keith B. Hunter

·         Deonte Jamar Hollowell

·         Rachel M. Hurst

·         Bobbie D. Powell

·         Barney A. Sutton

·         Kevin L. Dunlap

·         Paula Johnston

·         Giavannai Lusco