The Courier-Journal has a story on how the current mayor’s race is already the most expensive in city history, destroying the record set by the last mayor’s race.

Nine mayoral candidates spent a combined $3.1 million in the primary elections, according to May 5 candidate financial filings with the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance. The previous record was a total of $2.1 million spent in the 2006 primary and general elections by Jerry Abramson and Kelly Downard.

Primary winners Greg Fischer and Hal Heiner were both near the top of the pack in the 2010 primary, spending $694,000 and $634,000 respectively. Only Jim King, at $1.1 million, spent more.

The total primary spending is probably a lot higher because the reports don’t reflect the final, frantic two weeks of spending before Election Day, when six of the candidates were spending heavily on television commercials. Post-election finance reports, which will account for that money, are due later this week.

The story says this year’s race will likely be on par financially with the 3rd District Congressional race, and that larger Republican interests may spend more this time than in year’s past.

Further, though, it looks at one of the many downsides to this much campaign spending.

Louisville NAACP President Raoul Cunningham said it limits choice for voters.

“It means that your mayor will either be wealthy, or have contacts and money backers who can bankroll a campaign,” Cunningham said.